What is this?

Tree-reader is a so-called Add-venture story. You steer the story by choosing what your character does. You can add to the story by adding your own choices and the following story. You can take the story wherever you want: it does not enforce a certain setting, genre or even writing style.

How does it work?

You should see Tree-reader as a tree. As a tree starts with one trunk the splits in more and more branches, so does Tree-reader branch to more and more stories. Anyone can add new branches to the tree, but never can two branches merge into back into one. This ensures there is always a single path from the start to any point in the tree. The start of the story is deliberately void of details, so the story can still take any direction. It does not enforce a certain genre or writing style.


Why did you make Tree-reader?

I came up with the idea for this website and immediately realised it could be pretty cool. I did a quick google search and to my surprise I could not find anything like it, so I started making it myself. A few weeks later I googled again with some different terms and I found that similar website already existed. In fact they have existed for over 20 years. As far as I could see all of these where pretty old and did not seem very active anymore. They also usually made some different decisions as to how it should function. So I continued Tree-reader as a modern take on the genre.